Can Women Lead in the Church?

Image by Author - What Women Need Most Is Encouragement (Love)
  1. The shift from equality to unity. We need to think less about rights and more about what’s right. Let’s concentrate on the bigger picture. Equality in the legal sense only makes a difference if it will help increase God’s kingdom. 1 Corinthians 1:10 asks us to be perfectly united in mind and thought as brothers and sisters⁴. Jesus clearly uses examples of both men and women furthering the Gospel message in his teaching. It is our spiritual togetherness that will have most impact.
  2. The shift from gender to gifts. How the gifts of the Spirit are distributed is for the Spirit to determine and not for anyone else. Biblical passages on this subject have a sense of inclusion (1 Corinthians 12) unless you want to keep squabbling over Biblical translations.
  3. The shift from passion to dispassion. Women are often criticised as emotional when they express a passionate desire to be fairly included within the church. We need to become more dispassionate. If we arm ourselves with knowledge of Scripture and church history, we have an evidence base for our inclusion⁵.
  4. The shift from reliance to responsibility. Ultimately, women need to read Scripture for themselves and discover their own interpretations. Maybe this means less passive listening to talks and sermons and more active immersion in the Word, alongside more safe spaces to have explorative and supportive conversations. “Christ saves us all the same way, grants us the same responsibility to read and interpret Scripture for ourselves. It is a question of conscience”⁶.
  5. The shift from individualism to contextualism. Whilst, we need to be equipped with self-knowledge and discerning about our individual callings, it is not just about chasing our own individualistic wants and desires. Everything should be framed within the wider context of the mission of the church. Remember the bigger picture.




I’m a mum of four girls who recently left a career to start something new. I write about motherhood, career, life and change. @deborahjsloan on Twitter

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I’m a mum of four girls who recently left a career to start something new. I write about motherhood, career, life and change. @deborahjsloan on Twitter

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